вторник, 28 май 2013 г.

понеделник, 27 май 2013 г.

private party and performance @ paradise check in...

LIVE performance @ bedroom club Sofia... paper clip gang, at three yen shit...

It was a deadly ass nite... had the whole VIP lined out only for my street crew... bottles were showering

неделя, 14 април 2013 г.

at three yen ( dr@gon 3o¥ ) - late night private shopper (scrapped project)

I just scrapped the project... the song consisted of two verses... i did not build the beat good enough for the second verse so i left it out as it is... and just upped the first verse on sound cloud... both verses were performed live on this Konige VIP party the other nigh... i Just spit them on this unreleased neptunes instrumental !

givenchy rottweiler, kil atwill, Y-3, honja high, steezy as fuck !